Managed Portfolio Service


This site is for Professional Investors only. If you are a private or retail client please contact your adviser.

Marlborough Investment Management Ltd (MIM) offers a Managed Portfolio Service for international clients utilising the mutual funds of its sister company, Marlborough International Management Ltd. This service can be hosted on international investment platforms, through offshore bonds and on the systems of offshore pension administrators.

The Managed Portfolio Service offers a range of risk graded portfolios designed to target particular risk and return outcomes and its management is founded within the investment logic identified by modern portfolio theory.

To proceed you will need to register as an intermediary.  As soon as we have received your Application for Intermediary Registration we will email you a password.  Once you have a password you can then proceed through the risk profiler process and create a tailored model portfolio for your client.  This the is the first stage towards establishing a solution which will meet your client’s objectives within the context of their personal attitude to risk and their capacity for loss, with their portfolio monitored on an on-going basis against these criteria, by MIM’s Fund of Funds team.

MIM is an associate of the unit trust company Marlborough Fund Managers Ltd (MFM), sharing common ownership. In conjunction with MFM, MIM has gross funds under management of approximately £5.5 billion on behalf of more than 10,000 private, corporate and institutional clients, in a range of Bonds, ISAs, SIPPS, SSAS, Offshore Bonds and Authorised Funds. MIM employs the latest analytical and information technology systems to assist us in our decision making process and is committed to an ongoing programme of training and competence that ensures our staff continue to be highly qualified and motivated.